St. Expedite

“St. Expedite”
Located in Our Lady of the Guadalupe Catholic Church at 411 N. Rampart St. You can purchase the prayer card from the St. Jude Gift Shop.

There are numerous stories about St. Expedite. I think it is a great story to share with the group at the end of their Cemetery History tour.

St. Expedite

Homer Adolph Plessy (1862-1925)

Homer Plessy was the plaintiff in the landmark 1896 Supreme Court case which upheld racial segregation in the United States under the “separate but equal” doctrine established by the state of Louisiana. The Separate Car Act was a law passed in 1890 which required “equal, but separate” train car accommodations for Blacks and Whites. The ruling was overturned by the Supreme court in 1954 with the Brown v. Board of Education decision.

Suggested reading in regards to the case, “We as Freemen Plessy v. Ferguson” by Keith Weldon Medley.

The Wall Vaults

The Wall Vaults

These above-ground tombs located in St Louis Cemetery No. 1 serve as the wall to the cemetery. They are also know as “oven vaults”. That is because they have the shape of an old brick oven and well, that is exactly what they are – ovens! During the summer months in New Orleans, the interior of the tombs can get into the hundreds of degrees. These conditions help with accelerating the decomposition of the corpse.

The Small Groups

I find it personal. There is time for feed back, conversations and questions. When I limit the size of the tour group there is maximum participation. I think the tour happens to be better. The city of New Orleans allows a maximum of 28 people per tour guide. I prefer 14 people or less.

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